Legal advice on selling and buying businesses

Founders and directors about to make business sales or acquisitions can often feel unprepared and unsupported.
We will guide you through the transaction and bring it to a successful completion.

Achieving your exit strategy by the trade sale of your own company; management taking over your own company by an MBO; selling part of your own business; buying other companies and businesses - these are the most important steps in the development of your business. 

Business Sales

Understand all the legal requirements and considerations before thinking about selling your business.

Shareholder Buyouts

Learn what you need in order to buyout an existing shareholder from your business.

Management Buyout

Get help with all the moving parts involved in a management buyout, from finance to governance. 

Business Acquisitions

Find out how to buy a business including which information to obtain and what the seller should do.  

Exit Planning

How to maximise the potential sale value of your business and attract potential buyers. 


Legal advice for startups who want to achieve explosive growth and make an impact.

Get legal advice for sales & acquisitions

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Insights on Sales & Acquisitions