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From terms and conditions to confidentiality agreements, we will help you create watertight contracts that best serve your business interests. 


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Commercial Legal Advice FAQs

What does commercial law include?

Commercial legal services protect businesses from legal issues that could damage or prevent the growth of the company. 

Startups need expert legal advice on setting up and structuring their business in such a way that personal and professional assets are protected. Robust agreements between partners and shareholders can prevent future disputes. 

Commercial contracts are vital in managing relationships with other businesses, agencies and consultants. A commercial solicitor can ensure that your interests are protected and set out  what happens when other parties do not fulfil their obligations.  

An experienced commercial solicitor can also provide support and help you get your business ready for sale.  Exit planning can help you to maximise your sale value, as well as understanding the legal requirements of selling a business. 

Business owners may also look to acquire other businesses or increase their power through shareholder or management buyouts. This can take various forms and you will need to be aware of the corporate governance issues involved.

You will need to consider whether your commercial law firm has specific experience of the type of transaction you need. 

Commercial law is highly specialised, and the solicitors that you have used before for something else may not be suitable. The law firm should demonstrate that they have the necessary commercial experience. 

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How can I get legal advice for my business?

Whilst larger businesses may use in-house legal counsel, startups and smaller businesses do not usually have this option. As the owner of a startup or small business, it is prudent to seek your own legal advice which can be tailored to your specific, individual needs. 

When finding commercial solicitors for your business, you should consider their specialist knowledge including:

  • Do they have the technical knowledge and a track record of resolving business issues? How qualified are they to handle your deal, manage your cases  and help you make the right decisions?

  • How much will they cost? Get a written quote with a full breakdown of the cost including any VAT.

  • Can you contact your solicitors during key stages of a transaction? Are they responsive? Could you try calling and emailing them to test this out before instructing?

  • Are they available for physical and remote meetings, including to resolve apparent deadlocks and in case of emergencies? Can you be reassured that this is possible if needed, including evenings and weekends?

At Crest Legal, our UK-based professional service specialises in commercial law for businesses, from enterprising startups to high growth companies which are already well established. We are always on hand to assist you with any enquiries you may have, large or small.

What is an example of commercial law?

The level of commercial legal advice required may depend on the stage that your business is at.

Businesses may need advice on legal agreements with partners, shareholders, employees and suppliers as well as ensuring they have legal documents in place. 

Agreements which are not put into writing or correctly drafted can lead to a great deal of uncertainty and potential financial loss.

Businesses and entrepreneurs need to protect intellectual property and other assets.

As your business grows, you may look to sell. This could be to streamline your business portfolio, sell for profit or simply to retire. Commercial lawyers can help you prepare your business for sale and make sure no important commercial issues are missed. This is key whether you are  selling shares or assets, transferring liabilities or obtaining credit checks for buyers. 

Businesses may also look for funding to help fuel the early growth of the business. Finding the right funding and attracting investors is a complex process including shares, stock, compliance and rights. Similarly, reliable legal advice is important.

What do commercial solicitors do?

Startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners all benefit from having expert lawyers reviewing their business to ensure that it has the optimal legal structures and contracts. 

A commercial solicitor helps you reduce legal risk when setting up and structuring your company and business. 

Agreements between shareholders, co-founders and partners can be complex - you need to protect your assets and interests. Having a business lawyer doing this on your behalf saves time, money and lots of stress further down the line. 

When selling, buying or partnering with other businesses, your commercial lawyer will tell you what could go wrong, and help you to avoid it. 

A good commercial solicitor goes beyond providing commercial legal advice and has business experience that can help your business to grow by being an integral part of your commercial team.

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